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1.1. By registering with the Service, or using any of its components, you recognize the fact that the Service is the owner of all the contents published on it. MojCashback brand, trademarks and logos of Shops, as well as other data published and available on the Service website are intellectual property of their respective owners.

1.2. No one can copy, distribute, demonstrate in public or create clones of the Service website, or use any materials owned by the Service, without having obtained any prior official permission from the Service.

1.3. By using our services or any materials owned by the Service, you agree and undertake to follow all additional guidances regarding the protection of copyrighted materials and trademarks present on the Service, as well as all other guidances and limitations.



2.1. The Service guarantees the privacy of your personal data that you have provided during the registration on the Service website and which will be used in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

2.2. Who can see your personal data. Your personal data on the site can be accessed by the Service staff only for the technical purpose of cashback transfer on your account. Should it occur the Service must disclose the information about the Client to render a service (e.g. for money transfer), these data are to be provided subject that the information given is private and may be used explicitly for this purpose. The Service reserves the right of disclosing your personal data if so required by law or legal judgment.

2.3. Your right to privacy in the Service. Any of your contacts to the Service support which includes your personal data will be used solely to address your issue. Any private information you provided will not be saved or used for any other purpose except as in solving your issue.

2.4. Our privacy policy may be changed. We'll let you know should there be any alterations. You will receive a message on your registered email address or will be notified directly on the main page of the Service website.

2.5. Your right to privacy with our Partners. The Service does not transfer any Client's personal data to his partners and Shops. However, order details, order number and its sum can be made available to us or our partners, or a third party to our affiliate program, with the purpose of tracking your orders more correctly. These details will not be disclosed to anyone else.